Madrasah Imdaadiyyah Raheemiyyah

(Taiyabah Madrasah)


Students Rules & Regulations 

1.  All children must regularly attend and be punctual (arriving no more than 5 minutes early).

2.  Madrasah will operate between 5:00pm and 7:15pm. The Madrasah may start early or finish late or vice versa due to unforeseen circumstances or for the benefit of the children’s education.

3.  All absence, regular lateness and leaving early due to acceptable reasons should be made in writing by the parent/guardian addressed to the head teacher.

4.  It is the parents responsibility to ensure that their child(ren) is picked up at 7:15pm.

5.  Please make the head teacher aware if you do not want your child to be picked up by any other family member, relation or person.

6.  It is important that children are in uniform when they are sent to the Madrasah. Jubbah/kurtaa and topee for male students and jubbah & burqah for female students.

7.  Un-Islamic haircuts (short back & sides, wedges etc.) is strictly not allowed. Hair must be of equal length for all students. Children will be sent home to rectify the matter before allowed back into the Madrasah.

8.  Parents are requested to take into consideration that the Madrasah is a link to the Masjid and it’s cleanliness depends on how well children are trained to use the toilet facilities. Please enforce your children to make a habit of making wudhu and refreshing themselves before they attend the Madrasah.

9.  Mobile phones or toys etc. are strictly not allowed. If found, it will be confiscated and returned to the parent.


  • Parents/guardians will be informed in the first instance of any child persistently misbehaving.
  • If the misbehaviour continues then the child will be suspended until parents give assurance that such behaviour does not persist.
  • In the event of the misbehaviour continuing even after the parents written assurance then the child will be expelled from the Madrasah.

11.  Parents will be asked to bear any costs of child causing malicious damage to any property of the Madrasah or Masjid

12.  Parents who have any form of complaints or concerns over the education of the child(ren) should approach the head teacher in the first instance. All complaints and comments will be dealt accordingly. If you feel that the head teacher has not addressed your complaint or concern satisfactorily then you may wish to contact the Madrasah committee.

13.  The Madrasah committee will not tolerate any form of bullying or verbal abuse towards any of the teachers or committee members. We will immediately take further action on individuals that do not obey to the Madrasah/Masjid rules and regulations.

14.  EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES – The staff of Taiyyabah Masjid/Madrasah agrees to the following:

  • To provide the best possible Islamic education in a secure Islamic environment through guidelines from the Quran & Hadeeth.
  • The Madrasah sets out to establish a centre of learning for young Muslims. We offer students the opportunity to gain sound Islamic knowledge, incorporating all aspects of a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Judgement is not made in comparison with others. We at the Madrasah take into account the talents and unique complexities of each student.
  • We believe that each student has a right to voice him/herself by creating a friendly atmosphere and we will review our procedure so that no discrimination is taking place.

15.  We aim to provide equal opportunities by:

  • Working to the highest level in all subjects of the syllabus, recognising the ability of each individual.
  • Where appropriate gaining respect of each child regardless of gender or disability.
  • Teachers will help pupils in their self-development and values based around the Islamic principles.
  • Madrasah atmosphere will be a major part of a pupil’s values and attitude.
  • Teachers will observe confidentiality in respect of any discussions with pupils.
  • Teachers will create a friendly relationship with students bearing in mind not to show undue favour to pupils or become too friendly. Teachers will see themselves as role models acting in an Islamic manner at all times.
  • Teachers will also ensure that each child is able to work to his/her full potential and teachers will make themselves available as and when required by a student.


For clarification or discussions on any of the above rules and regulations, please contact the head teacher in the first instance.



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